Znode Upgrade Guide

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Here’s a quick step-by-step guide to get your Znode up and running with the latest version in a few minutes. This guide assumes you are upgrading from a previous 0.14.x.x version to the latest If you are upgrading from earlier versions, please adjust the folder paths in step 4 accordingly.

Please note that there is no reason to wait for a payout, as an update completed within a timeframe of 3 hours after first stopping the daemon, will not interfere with your qualification for a reward.

Stuck at block 294522/294523: please reindex-chainstate.

Stuck at block 296903:
./zcoin-cli reconsiderblock ae237b8facac8562829dc7b875de910673e1d7812e7c06a27029a032e2988423

  1. Log on to your Znode
  2. Copy a link to the Linux archive from GitHub or Sourceforge by right-clicking the file name (e.g. zcoin- and selecting the copy link menu item in your browser
  3. On the Znode’s command line, type “wget” and insert the copied link after it like so: wget This will download the archive to your Znode.
  4. Stop the zcoin daemon
    cd ~/zcoin-0.14.0/bin (this is the folder of the major version you are upgrading from)
    ./zcoin-cli stop
    and remove the old version
    cd ~
    rm -rv zcoin-0.14.0 (see above)
  5. Unpack the downloaded archive by typing
    tar xvzf zcoin-
  6. Now you can start your Znode again
    cd ~/zcoin-0.14.0/bin (new version)
    ./zcoind -daemon

While you’re at it, don’t forget to upgrade your local wallet too! Just download from our website and install replacing the old version. Just make sure to always have a backup of your wallet.dat!

If you have any questions, feel free to join our Discord or Telegram groups.