Note regarding bounty payouts-CN

By 11月 7, 2016 No Comments

Poramin and Gary have not sent any Zcoins, other than to pay for bounties. In parallel to Zcoin’s goal of privacy, we are not disclosing the specifics of the bounty payouts. Such disclosure would only lead to nonstop arguments about the fairness of the bounty payouts. As with any organization that keeps individual compensation private, Zcoin is doing the same so that the organization can continue to be productive. The eventual logic of bounty disclosures ends with the discussion and debate over every single Zcoin bounty, which may be as small as 1 or 2 Zcoins. Such disclosure introduces the element of politics, creating massive inefficiencies towards Zcoin’s goals. For this reason, Zcoin will not be disclosing the specifics of the bounty payouts.