Zcoin welcomes Cryptographer and Coder to the team

By April 23, 2018 No Comments

We would like to welcome Martun Karapetyan to the Zcoin team! He is a rare combination, with a PhD in cryptography, having worked as a senior cryptography researcher at the American University of Armenia, a former Google engineer with work on Youtube monetization and also an accomplished coder with extensive experience in C++ (the language in which the Bitcoin Core is written).

His cryptographic research primarily focused on software development and security analysis on white-box encryption.

Martun was also part of a team of 4 who developed an AI-based poker playing software that could play champion level Texas Hold’em by using techniques such as card clustering, hand strength, the Nash equilibrium training algorithm and opponent modelling.

Martun will be researching and implementing privacy technologies to Zcoin.