Zcoin Sigma Mandatory Update 13.8.2 and activation on 30 July

By July 17, 2019 No Comments

Zcoin holders should note that we have pushed back the activation date of Sigma by one week to block 184200 or approximately 8.00 AM UTC 30th July 2019, instead of the original 23 July 2019 to allow time for everyone to update to the new Zcoin 13.8.2 version.

The reason for the push back is that there was a parameter change in the Sigma generator to ensure that the public can verify that it was generated randomly. We would like to reassure that this update is not to fix a vulnerability but rather to ensure transparency and verifiability when generating a fundamental building block of Sigma. We also took the opportunity to resolve some minor bugs as well.

All Zcoin holders should note that the upgrade to 13.8.2 is mandatory even if you’re on 13.8.1. Nodes and wallets on 13.8.1 will be banned from the network on the 22 July.

Remaining on an earlier version may result in minting errors and funds that cannot be recovered.

We thank you for your understanding and patience! For further information, you can read the Zcoin 13.8.2 release notes!

You can download the new Zcoin binaries from here.