Zcoin Rebrands to Not Having a Name

By April 1, 2019 No Comments

As the ultimate privacy coin, Zcoin rebrands to not having a name.

We were the first coin to use zero-knowledge proofs in a privacy system having pioneered the use of the Zerocoin protocol.

We were first coin to go live with Dandelion which changes the way transactions propagate, making it hard for people to tie an IP address to a transaction without requiring them to use Tor or a VPN.

And now, we are the first coin to go completely nameless.

The Future is Nameless

“It’s simply but ingenious. How can you track something that can’t even be mentioned?” commented Reuben Yap, COO of the now nameless project. “…”, Poramin Insom, founder of             added.

Not only does the rebranding increase privacy, it also increases our brand exposure as everyone not wearing a brand is now promoting our project. Through this decentralised marketing initiative, our merchandise is now  available in shops all over the world.

“There have been some challenges,” admitted Sebastian M, Operations Manager “I still can’t find our new nameless website, but I think this just goes to show how effective this change has been. In an industry where everybody is dead set on disrupting finance, we’re now going the extra mile and disrupt marketing too.”

The idea of having no name originated from deep within our community. We reached out for new rebranding ideas, and when some of our more active and opinionated members didn’t reply we quickly realised that they had stumbled on something truly great.

We feel like this move will be warmly embraced by our millennial users, who don’t like being labeled.

At the moment the new logo is just a white box, but we’re working on a transparent version and with further research, we believe that we can soon have no logo whatsoever.

Our new logo

The brand change is effective immediately, and once we find our new website, merchandise not branded with anything will be on sale!