Zcoin Now Accepted for Donations to Iranian Flood Relief Efforts

By August 27, 2019 No Comments

Zcoin is now accepted as a donation method on

After several flash floods hit the country in April, affecting 269 cities and 5,148 villages in 28 out of the 31 Iranian provinces, many families were left homeless overnight and were in dire need of humanitarian aid.

However, sanctions still make it close to impossible to organize any outside help as the country is cut off from international payment systems and bank accounts of aid agencies have been frozen.

IranRescueBit is an effort by Iran-based cryptocurrency enthusiasts to allow for donations, circumventing the international banking system. All donations are converted locally at trusted exchanges and donated to the Iranian Red Crescent Society in local currency.

With Zcoin you now have the possibility to do good and to do so privately. We encourage our users to use Sigma to mint coins and donate anonymously.

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