Zcoin is looking for more Core developers!

By April 30, 2017 No Comments

Zcoin is looking for additional core developers join the team to accelerate our development!


  • Experience with C++
  • Understanding of the cryptographic principles underpinning of Bitcoin 2.0 and Blockchain technologies
  • Have a collaborative mind set and enjoy sharing Blockchain knowledge with other developers
  • Have good communication skills and a passion for Blockchain development

Plus points:

  • Have practical experience developing on Blockchain platforms such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc.
  • Extensive experience working with cryptographic protocols
  • Understanding of the Zerocoin protocol

Remuneration will be commensurate to skill set and experience. We are also open to starting with project-based fees.

If you are interested, please do drop an e-mail to [email protected] or drop by our Slack and message @reuben with the following:

  • A description of your skill set and work/programming experience
  • Whether you are seeking a full time/part time or project based position.
  • Your expected remuneration
  • The timezone that you work in