Zcoin listed on Exchange

By January 9, 2020 No Comments

We are pleased for Zcoin XZC to be added to the Exchange trading platform, making it the 28th asset to be listed on the exchange.

With the listing on the Exchange, Zcoin will be made available to a broader audience.

This was also highlighted by Exchange COO Danish Chaudhry who stated:

“We are very excited to list Zcoin as we share a common goal of enabling people to economic freedom and transacting in private without worrying who is watching is definitely part of that. We are looking forward to spreading the word about the importance of privacy in the digital age together with the Zcoin community.”

Similarly, Project Steward of Zcoin, Reuben Yap emphasized that:

“In a time where exchanges are concerned about cryptocurrencies with privacy-enhancing technologies, it is encouraging that there are exchanges like that are willing to defend the right to privacy, an essential element in making public blockchains usable for real-world use and also protecting the personal right to having control of your financial resources.” Exchange was launched by in September this year following a re-branding to be more accessible and represent the vision of empowering people to take control over their finances by the use of cryptocurrencies. The exchange forms part of a portfolio of financial services offered by the brand, which enable anyone to easily get started with cryptocurrencies and now offers a secure venue to trade them.

Zcoin will be listed on Exchange from January 10th with a BCH base pair.

BTC, ETH and USDT markets will open shortly afterwards from January 13.