Zcoin is listed on Turkey’s leading exchange Sistemkoin

By August 6, 2018 No Comments

We are happy to announce that Zcoin is listed on Turkey’s leading exchange Sistemkoin with three pairings, TRY (Turkish Lira), BTC and USDT.

This is in line with Zcoin’s strategy to seek out regional exchanges with fiat pairings to allow Zcoin to be converted directly into their respective local currencies to support real world adoption. This joins our Thai Baht, Indonesian Rupiah, Indian Rupee, Polish złoty, Great Britain’s pound, Euro and US dollar pairings.

Sistemkoin is consistently ranked in the top 50 exchanges in the world and represents an important entry into the Turkish market which has the 3rd largest population in the region after Russia and Germany with 80 million people. This is bolstered by the fact that Turkey shows some of the highest rates of cryptocurrency adoption with 18% of Turkish people owning cryptocurrency according to a recent report by ING Bank. This compares favorably to other countries such as in Europe (9%), US (8%), Australia (7%) and United Kingdom (6%).

We are excited to have a foothold in Turkey and would like to wish our new Turkish friends a warm hoşgeldiniz and teşekkür.