Zcoin Development Update 8 April 2019

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  • To bring multi exponentiation techniques developed in Lelantus (Pippenger’s and Strauss’s multi exponentiation methods) over to Sigma leading to cutting down verification time in half! To rebenchmark. May delay Sigma slightly but deemed worthwhile
  • Basic QT GUI is functional
  • Fees for Sigma resolved awaiting review
  • Balance check to ensure no inflation when reminting implemented
  • Adopting unit tests from Zerocoin to apply to Sigma
  • Setting up Insight explorer for Sigma testnet
  • Halving adjustment pull request made to readjust halving after MTP ntime hardfork. 8 halvings, block reward subsidy ends about 2050.
  • To test halving adjustment on testnet as well
  • To ensure to do load testing


  • Multi exponentiation updates in Lelantus are completed (Pippenger’s and Strauss’s multi exponentiation methods) and yield a two time reduction in time for verification. Can look into upping anonymity set in Lelantus paper
  • Eprint submission of updated Lelantus paper done, waiting for approval
  • Bulletproof implementation is now on par with Poelstra but expected to improve even further
  • Gtests need to be moved to Boost
  • Change serialization to use Bitcoin original serialization

Znode and Core Upgrade

  • Closing in on internal release of Bitcoin Upgrade 0.14 with Znode upgrade. Expected to release on Wed/Thurs for testing.
  • Need to figure out transition to move from current Znode lists to deterministic znodes without using sporks.


  • Archiving UI done for deleting payment requests
  • Most major issues fixed
  • Need a few days to tidy up the minor issues and test again
  • Daemon related issues with GUI resolved

MTP Miners

  • Djm34 trying to optimize cpuminer further by using assembly code for the blake2b for a slight speed up.
  • Updated versions of cpuminer and ccminer available.