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Zcoin Development Update 24 January 2020

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Core Upgrade and Deterministic Masternodes


  • Decision to go straight to modified Lelantus version with cryptographic library built with forward compatibility for direct anonymous transfers however to not enable this functionality in first Lelantus release in the interest of having an incremental approach and also ensuring that we can deliver Lelantus quickly.
  • Memory and performance optimizations being done on Lelantus reference library
  • Briefings of all developers on inner workings of Lelantus
  • Working out engineering questions such as
    • Implementation of batching
    • Sliding window of anonymity set
    • Range proofs to be used as spam protection to prevent use of very small amounts
    • Precomputation for minting to reduce computation time before minting
    • Backward compatibility of Sigma transactions being explored

RAP (Receiver Address Privacy) aka BIP47 Payment Codes

  • Decision to wait till Core 14 launch to integrate RAP to prevent delay of core 14 release.
  • Work to integrate RAP with Core 14 branch should be ready for review sometime this week.
  • Core team waiting for Arcadia to respond to code cleanup requests for changes in RAP PR.

Exodus Sigma and ZTM

  • Exodus allows creation of tokens/assets on Zcoin
    • Uses the Omni protocol
    • Modified to include Sigma support
    • Creation of privacy tokens/assets on Zcoin
  • ZTM awaiting one more PR before completion with another one week of testing
  • Will officially launch Exodus Sigma and ZTM after completion of testing

Mnemonic Support

  • Mnemonics seed phrase support was completed with the release of 13.8.10.
  • Scheme for Sigma mint backup support with seed phrase needs very minor modification to work with Lelantus
    • Seed phrase can be used to restore Lelantus mints when implemented as well
  • Work being done to integrate mnemonic seed phrase with rich GUI.

Mobile App with Sigma

  • Work continues on Sigma spend functionality and debugging current code.
  • HD architecture for mints being integrated with restoration ability of mints

ProgPOW Discussion

Rich GUI

Insight Explorer

  • Preparation to display new deterministic masternode transactions