Zcoin Development Update 2 October 2019

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  • ‘Self spend’ challenge mentioned in previous update has been solved allowing full direct anonymous transactions which means the protocol now can hide sender, receiver and values. Work done by Aram and with a lot of helpful feedback from Sarang Noether from Monero Labs.
  • New note to be released to public soon after tidying up describing the new scheme.
  • New Gitter chat open to public for developers interested in discussing Lelantus and its variants (including Beam’s modification called Lelantus-MW)
  • Research has begun into lattice based Lelantus for quantum resistance to ensure we are aware of options of building a post-qc secure privacy protocol.
  • Research underway for combining Confidential Transactions at base layer with Lelantus.
  • Preliminary look into utilizing switch commitments in Lelantus.


  • Two subsequent beta releases made have been made of new GUI. We welcome feedback in our forums!
  • Added debug console feature with auto complete
  • Performance of wallet now matches original QT wallet.
  • Added ability to do transaction rebroadcasting
  • Ongoing is improved Znode list performance, enabling ability to start Znodes and some bugs when doing Sigma mints.
  • New release will be released sometime this week which may be in release candidate status.

RAP (Receiver Address Privacy) aka as BIP47 Payment Codes

  • Work almost complete, expected another week and we believe this will be the first desktop wallet to support BIP47 Payment Codes.
  • Ongoing work is now public and available to be viewed.
  • Shout-out to Arcadia Group for their work on this.


  • Zawy12, who created the LWMA difficulty adjustment algorithm and has done deep study of difficulty adjustment algorithms, had examined the BRNDF (Boris Ridiculously Named Difficulty Function) difficulty adjustment mining algorithm that is used in Zcoin and has found it to be very good. He will be writing an article and make some proposals on optimization.

Exodus (Smart asset layer with Sigma privacy)

  • Work almost complete, debugging deterministic mints in Sigma


  • Sigma continues to be increasingly used with almost 120,000 XZC minted to date.
  • Have approached 4 companies for external audit of Sigma, waiting for two remaining quotes before deciding.

Mnemonic Backup

Mobile App with Sigma

  • Decision to used Edge ecosystem and not strip out to make it local only wallet to save time and benefits for easier integration.
  • Work begun on building back-end functionality to support mobile calls.

Core Upgrade and Deterministic Masternodes/Chainlocks

  • Some delays as unexpected complications in not using sporks but development still progressing
  • Refactoring several critical parts of the code.
  • Core upgrade from Bitcoin core 0.13 to 0.14 is complete and is undergoing testing