Zcoin Development Update 10 June 2019

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  • Conversion from Zerocoin mints to Sigma mints branch is ready but completing tests
  • Safety kill switch for detection of Sigma attacks to be done by this week
  • Issues identified where invalid Sigma mints can crash client, fixing
  • Improving code to clean up memory pool when block is disconnected
  • Work to separate Sigma cryptographic library for standalone library is almost complete for easy conversion/integration to other apps
  • HD mint is almost working, resolving PR comments
  • Cleaning up and fixing tests in preparation for mainnet release
  • Max OP_RETURN script size set to 4k bytes for Sigma support on Exodus token layer


  • New end point created to retrieve Sigma mints
  • New binary to test hopefully by end of this week

MTP Miner

  • Further improvements made on ccminer +100 kH on 1070 and +300 kH on 1080 TI (with pill)
  • To release sometime this week


  • Found additional way to improve proving times of Lelantus significantly. Calling this Lelantus+
  • Security proofs for Lelantus+ being written