Zcoin Blog

Zcoin Development Update 1 March 2020

Core Upgrade and Deterministic Masternodes


  • Wallet integration for Lelantus has begun. RPC command for Lelantus mints almost done.
  • Lelantus cryptographic library has been optimized with improved verification performance (Benchmark done on a Macbook Pro 2015 Intel Core i7-4870Q):
    • 65k anonymity set = 885 ms fixed cost + 21.5 ms per additional proof
    • 100k anonymity set = 1360 ms fixed cost + 36 ms per additional proof
  • Add multi-thread optimizations to test.
  • Sliding windows for Lelantus anonymity sets determined allowing smooth transition between anonymity sets without loss of privacy. This is achieved by seeding new anonymity set with previous commitments in previous anonymity set (proposed 16k previous commitments).

RAP (Receiver Address Privacy) aka BIP47 Payment Codes

Elysium Sigma and ZTM

Mobile App with Sigma

  • Hierarchical Deterministic mints are now integrated
  • Sigma spend functionality works now. Work is being done to identify issues on some edge cases
  • Correct and polish transaction handling in logs and transaction history for Sigma spends and mints
  • Bug fixing

Rich GUI

PoW Algorithm and ProgPOW/MTP Discussion

  • Awaiting ZCS proposal from Kristy-Leigh Minehan on ProgPOW along with proposed PR request
  • Also considering effect of current direction of Ethereum on ProgPOW
  • Ongoing discussion with community happening on forums
  • Core team satisfied with audit results on ProgPOW
  • Core team also considering as an alternative minor modifications to MTP to reduce proof sizes but concerns on FPGAs remain


  • Roadmap for 2020 and beyond ready. Awaiting graphics before publishing.