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Zcoin Dev Update September 3rd

By September 3, 2018 No Comments
Zcoin Development Update
Here’s a short summary of our weekly Dev meeting.
  • Putta begins work today based in Bangkok office. Welcome to the team!
  • MTP
    • MTP is running very smoothly on testnet
    • Some parameters need fine-tuning. These include the proof sizes which could result in slower speeds and increased disk space requirements for full nodes and Znodes
    • Discussion whether MTP should use 3 or 4 GB or RAM ongoing. Note: Choosing 4 GB would exclude graphics cards with 4 GB of memory
    • Ongoing discussion of block difficulty (BRNDF). Adjust on every block? Less lookback time? Public feedback welcome!
    • Transition code concept formalised. Covering with unit tests now
  • Bitcore/Electrum (to enable light wallet support)
    • Work to integrate MTP ongoing
  • GPU miner
    • MTP GPU miner based on ccminer will be ready soon
  • Dandelion
    • Good progress. Hoping to get working version end of the week
  • GUI
    • All major sections finished. Now working on Znodes and Settings panes
  • Sigma
    • Back from the dead! Discovered some opportunities (like reducing proof sizes) that make it attractive again