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Zcoin Dev Update September 10th

By September 13, 2018 No Comments
Zcoin Development Update
Here’s a short summary of our weekly Dev meeting.
  • MTP
    • Going well. Transition code for hard fork likely completed end of the week
    • Got some new ideas how to further optimise MTP (Merkle openings, reduction in proof sizes)
  • GPU Miner
    • Finished and published: https://github.com/zcoinofficial/ccminer/releases
    • Still potential for optimisation. Right now initialisation is done on CPU and then transferred to GPU which results in delay but this is likely negligible on mainnet
    • Work focusing on CPU miner now
  • Bitcore/Electrum
    • MTP integration completed, writing unit tests
  • Dandelion
    • Tests successful. Just Zerocoin spends not working as expected. Some nodes already deployed on mainnet
    • Unit tests to be written
  • GUI
    • Znode section is being finalised. Next and last to complete: Settings
    • Work on interface labels, descriptions has begun
  • Sigma
    • Work still on theoretical level but if it’s going the right way, we might have an anonymity solution without the need for fixed denominations
    • When theory is finished, a whitepaper will be written to publicise the theoretic framework and get comments from other researchers