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Zcoin Dev Update October 4th

By October 4, 2018 No Comments
Zcoin Development Update

Here’s what we discussed in our recent dev meeting:

– Mariia begins working to familiarize herself with Bitcoin and Zcoin code
Dandelion release went smoothly along with Znode bug fix. Dandelion adoption at around 30+%
– MTP transition code updated and Miho continuing to complete unit tests
– JCThePants of MintPond has a Testnet MTP pool up and seeking feedback https://github.com/JCThePants/node-mtp-reference-stratum
– djm34 still encountering some issues with CPUminer with multiple threads
– Martun’s benchmarks of Sigma look positive but believe can be optimized further. To look into precaching for faster spends. Verification speed is on par/faster than Zerocoin
– Exodus (Zcoin tokenization layer) finalization is underway. Unit tests and small bug fixes written by Putta
– Andrey has completed updating lyra2z Insight and Electrumx to 13.6.7
– Andrey completing Insight for MTP and Electrumx
– Tadhg been working on multiple Zerocoin spends in one transaction to improve GUI functionality. Jörn and Tadhg hope to have internal release version of new GUI by end of week or early next week
– Math for next gen privacy protocol is complete and works. Now seeking further feedback and also do a formal analysis for security
– Discussions on upgrade of Bitcoin core vs Znode code revamp. Which first? To deep dive into code and assess difficulty before making decision