Zcoin Dev Update October 22nd

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Zcoin Development Update

This is our development update for 22nd October 2018.


  • MTP code is tested and working well, ready to commit to master.
  • Release date and activation date set.
  • Znode code to be looked at to find reason why Znode syncs are sometimes slow in between blocks before activation date
  • djm34 is still working on CPUminer. Resolved several issues before.
  • GPU miner for Nvidia 1080 ti is about 500-700 KH/s. To be used as a benchmark to estimate initial difficulty
  • Lyra2z testnet to be closed
  • Insight for MTP is done and working, to resolve some minor issues with display on some initial blocks (bug present on master as well)
  • Electrumx for MTP appears to be working. To follow up with more tests.

GUI Update

  • Preview video being worked on
  • Multiple Zerocoin mints per single input now works on MTP testnet
  • Multiple Zerocoin spends per tx also now works on MTP testnet
  • Internal release was delayed but set to release this week just needs to be tested on MTP testnet
  • Good performance/user experience thus far

Improved Sigma

  • Sigma has been improved to halve original Sigma proof sizes at larger anonymity sets.
  • Comparable performance to Zerocoin, updated library will be ready by this week.
  • To follow structure of Zerocoin when doing wallet implementation.
  • Opportunity to relook into redoing denominations and fees.

P2Pool: Decentralized Pool

  • P2Pool code is completed by Navid and ready for testing on mainnet.
  • Although developed for Lyra2z, has inbuilt founder rewards and Znode support
  • To test during transition period but also port for MTP.

Unit Tests

  • Miho has completed unit tests for Znodes. To work on regression tests and also halving tests


  • To clean up libzerocoin library to remove warnings and add authorship and documentation for changes Zcoin has done

Bitcoin Core Upgrade

  • To consider whether to implement Segwit, Malfix or other solutions. All devs working on core code to research and chime in.

Deterministic Backups

  • To allow people to backup both Zerocoin mints and the wallet using key words phrase.
  • Should be relatively simple to implement.

Receiver Address Privacy BIP47

  • Once MTP is done, to resume development of BIP47.

Secret Project

  • Putta working on secret project for Poramin this week and to complete Exodus cleanup work after this.

Next gen privacy protocol

  • Good feedback from Jens Groth
  • To finalize and publish paper