Zcoin Dev Update 7 Jan 2019

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This is our development update for 7 Jan 2019. Note that developers had taken a break and are just coming back after the Christmas and New Year holidays.


  • djm34 finalizing reference Nvidia miner to solve some remaining bugs.
  • Open source efficient AMD miner behind schedule due to ccminer tweaking. Likely to be competitive with Nvidia mining.
  • MTP academic research to relook into Q2, more pressing priorities right now.
  • Acknowledgement again to JCThePants work with Mintpond and open sourcing his work that enabled smooth MTP launch with pools.

Bitcoin Core Upgrade

  • Petr has an almost working version of Bitcoin Core 0.17 with Zcoin changes (working while on holiday). Extensive testing is still required.
  • Team decided to go ahead with Segwit mainly because MalFix and FlexTrans are not well tested and no glaring drawbacks beyond it being complicated.
  • Easier to merge Bitcoin core with Segwit
  • Will be a soft fork.

Sigma Update

  • Sigma development going well and unit tests are passing individually but for some reason when done together they fail.
  • Discussion of denominations and reminting change mechanism to prevent privacy leaks.
  • Sigma was coded to be similar in structure to existing Zerocoin code to allow easy upgrading to Bitcoin Core 0.17 because it was developed with 0.13
  • Team is more comfortable releasing Sigma first (which requires hard fork) and then later putting in core upgrade in separate release which is a soft fork.
  • Putta, Panu and Maria are now all assisting with Sigma unit tests.
  • Discussion on transition to continue allow Zerocoin spends (no time limit) but to stop new Zerocoin mints some time after Sigma is activated.
  • GUI components to be worked on


  • Next version of internal release will be done this week.
  • In a state that can be distributed among community members and ambassadors to get feedback
  • Znode window and settings window are done
  • Qt wallet to be maintained alongside

Electrum Wallet

  • Work to rebase Electrum wallet with new electrum wallet code is underway and almost working
  • Insight improvements

Trust Wallet

  • Integration work to Trust wallet to begin. To assess amount of work required.

Next-gen privacy protocol Lelantus

  • Will begin following up with cryptographers next week as they come back from their holidays to give feedback on paper
  • Work to begin implementing bullet proofs portions has begun