Zcoin Dev Update 3rd December

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This is our development update for 3 Dec 2018


  • Zcoin 13.7.4 set to be released in next few days after pull request is approved. Passing all unit tests. Can be tested on sync_fix branch.
  • Syncing speed has almost the same speed as reindex.
  • Important for roll out as otherwise data will be rapidly consumed.

MTP Miner

  • Stratum support for Nvidia miner is released
  • Cpuminer linux compilation fixed.
  • AMD miner target in 2 weeks.
  • Multi-GPU / shared memory pad will be looked at after AMD miner

MTP Insight Explorer

  • To add further rich list and supply functionality to explorer.
  • Bugs found in some address balances have been resolved.
  • Note that most explorers did not count additional Zerocoin supply resulting in lower reported circulating supply figures.

MTP P2Pool

  • C++ stand-alone module for verification of MTP needs to be developed. Work has commenced.

MTP Electrum

  • MTP Electrumx is fully working and to be deployed on both testnet and mainnet
  • Electrum wallet client currently doesn’t deal with variable header size (to be fixed).

HD Wallet Backup

  • BIP39 support to be worked on by Tadhg as a pre requisite for BIP47 payment codes support.
  • Briefly explored BIP75 again but noted that there are privacy risks.

Sigma Update

  • Sigma wallet integration basic implementation will be completed by end of week.
  • Unit tests converted from Gtests to Boost.
  • Panu and Putta will continue writing unit tests.
  • Batch verification method to be worked on after. Expected to be able verify 100 spends in the same speed as 2 spends provided in same accumulator making slow verification not too big an issue.
  • Pre-computing spends results in maybe 2x speed saving but to assess whether to implement straight away.

Next-gen privacy protocol

  • Target release of paper to public mid December 2018. Formal proofs completed.
  • Preliminary code for benchmarking available.