Zcoin Dev Update 28th November

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This is our development update for 28th November 2018.


  • Fixed a bug in getblocktemplate and set to release maintenance release 13.7.3
  • Greatly sped up syncing and reduced data transfer. Full sync of mainnet takes only 1 hour now (used to take 3). Saves a lot of data transfer in MTP especially. Testing available in sync_fix branch.
  • Sync fix needs further testing as it affects Zerocoin portions so will be in next release 13.7.4

MTP Miner

  • djm34 has completed stratum support for cpuminer and a basic release is here.
  • Stratum support for Nvidia GPU miner will be finished this week since code for stratum is the same.
  • AMD support will take more time

MTP Insight Explorer

  • Further fixes to insight explorer. Planning new release.


  • MTP Electrumx and electrum client still has some minor bugs. Andrey to look into it with Joseph.


  • Unit tests and coverage tests completed by Tadhg
  • Joern pausing work due to personal issues but will resume next week.

Sigma Update

  • Nothing new to report, Sigma integration still progressing well.
  • Panu and Putta have also begun to assist.

Next-gen privacy protocol

  • First draft of next gen privacy protocol paper distributed for review by team.