Zcoin Dev update 28 Jan 2019

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This is our development update for 28 Jan 2019.

If you have any questions about these updates, please ask in our many chat groups or in our new forum!

Sigma Update

  • Sigma is now syncing and working version is ready
  • Unit and integration tests being written
  • GUI updates for Sigma being coded
  • Deterministic mints are being worked on
  • Sigma testnet to be launched next week

Bitcoin Core Upgrade

  • Direct upgrade from 0.13 to 0.17 proved difficult due to major changes in architecture
  • Completed upgrade to 0.14 instead and has a working version
  • To complete patching to 0.17 by end of week
  • Segwit portions to be looked at.


  • Bugs found when picking blockchain location, identified problem
  • New builds available in 1-2 days.

Themis Update

  • Shifted to low priority until core upgrade is complete since it will need to be rebased
  • To conduct testing of functionality


  • First release of sgminer for AMD is up. Promising early performance with 2.7 MH for Vega 64 and 1.7 MH for RX580. Still has quite a few bugs and hope to complete by end of week.


  • Blockbook integration is complete and rebase to new code.

Electrum MTP

  • Unconfirmed balance bug fixed
  • Rebase of Electrum client continuing

Next-gen privacy protocol Lelantus

  • Bulletproofs library implemented
  • Working on optimizing range proofs for bullet proofs with Andrew Poelstra’s improvements
  • Working code expected to be today or tomorrow
  • Next step is to batch the range proofs.


  • Ongoing discussion on governance models here.
  • To look into other project’s governance models for e.g. Decred, MakerDAO, quadratic voting etc