Zcoin Dev Update 25 December

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This is our development update for 25 December


  • Zcoin 13.7.6 released
  • MTP working well, 3 major pools have support with miner dev interest
  • Third party AMD miner WildRig Miner with good performance released
  • Rapid bug fixes after release not ideal, review of QA practices and feature freeze
  • Academic research to improve MTP expected to begin in January.

Sigma Update

  • Sigma wallet integration basic implementation completed
  • Bug testing and unit tests being written
  • Q1 target release
  • New denominations and discussing on embedding fee within the mints to allow spends to have variable fees.
  • Taint change has to be dealt with properly.

Bitcoin Core Upgrade

  • Work to begin in mid January (brief break for devs)
  • Bitcoin core work is very important as 0.13 is very messy which increases code errors
  • Core upgrade is a chance to remove legacy code and build from scratch and inherit all the changes from Bitcoin core.
  • Future merges of Bitcoin code will be much easier.
  • Segwit is controversial though MalFix and FlexTrans are also possible. FlexTrans seems superior but should we spend development time in evaluating it as no one has implemented it? May introduce security risks.

Pre-Consensus Protocol

  • To look into protocols like Avalanche and see how it compares to InstantSend

Next-gen privacy protocol Lelantus

  • Lelantus paper released on
  • Very competitive, removes trusted setup, the need for denominations, small proof sizes and good performance with batching.
  • Currently, Lelantus does well with anonymity sets up to 2^16 and with further optimization 2^18 is possible
  • Other ideas being discussed to reach 2^20 anonymity sets.
  • Decision to still proceed with Sigma first since almost complete and need time to ensure Lelantus is reviewed