Zcoin Dev Update 19th November

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This is our development update for 19th November 2018.


  • Upcoming maintenance release scheduled for 22 November 2018
  • Much improved Znode syncing reliability
  • Inbuilt miner now properly waits for Znode sync before mining block.
  • Miho work on regression tests working.
  • Exodus will now be disabled by default unless enabled.

MTP Miner

  • Stratum support modified for MTP for both CPU and GPU miner about 75% done, only last part is the sending of the proof of work which should be resolved soon.
  • To work with JCThePants with his pool

Insight Explorer

  • Noted some very early blocks where despite transactions having fees, miners did not pay it to themselves. This leading to those ‘fees’ ending up being burnt resulting in a non-round number and slightly reduced total supply. Noted that this is also possible in current version of Bitcoin and that miners can if they so choose, not receive the fees so it is not a bug.


  • Unit tests and coverage tests almost completed by Tadhg
  • Settings page being worked on by Joern and Mike.
  • Sebastian finishing up on text

Sigma Update

  • Sigma development on track still for release in early 2019.
  • Wallet implementation has begun with Sigma to follow similar Zerocoin structure for easy implementation.
  • Basic idea of mobile wallet implementation is there where all minting secrets are not revealed in any way to the node unlike competing mobile wallet implementation. Performance should be acceptable for most spends.

Next-gen privacy protocol

  • Paper is still due in early December
  • Levon to join Aram with working out proof of concept code

P2Pool Implementation

  • Navid has started working on a MTP P2Pool implementation that would be a decentralized pool.

Thai Vote Post-mortem

  • Noted in certain cases where more than 2000 transactions in a block were included, some transactions were delayed although block could take more.. Putta suspects it is due to a condition in the code that enforces a higher fee if there is a certain number of transactions. To look into it deeper.
  • Exploring future ways to make the process simpler and to explore IPFS integration with Zcoin


  • Joseph is now back into looking at BIP47.

C++ vs C# Node implementation

  • Some evaluation being done to decide whether C# would be a better choice of language for Zcoin. Keeping it in C++ makes it easier to implement updates from Bitcoin however if we were to build a bigger team, C# might be easier to recruit.
  • Good coders should be able to adapt from C++ to C# or vice versa.
  • Reluctance to maintain two clients that would require additional work and slow down development so if we were to do it, it would be preferred to switch the main code to C#.
  • However to only look into this and consider it at least after core upgrade and Sigma.
  • To evaluate existing C# Bitcoin implementations to see how well updated they are and whether it’s worth the hassle.