Update on Zcoin Development 16 January 2017

By January 23, 2017 No Comments

A short update on Zcoin’s development progress:

  1. Poramin has managed to obtained additional programming help to work on MTP and solved a major hurdle so we are still on track.
  2. To cater for people with large balances, we will be implementing 1000 xzc denomination mints instead of the current max of 100 xzc.
  3. Work on our user interface is being done to allow minting of various denominations instead of through command line
  4. We are aware of a sync issue that is happening when there is a node that is offline/has issues. Aizensou is already working on it.
  5. We’re about to initiate testing of the Lyra2 algorithm parameter change to see if we can achieve a result that would reduce cloud mining credits abuse by favoring GPU slightly.

Further down the road and in the discussion stage are the following:

  1. We are assessing BIP47 vs Stealth addresses. BIP47 looks to be more favourable at the moment.
  2. We are exploring details of a possible incentivized node system to further strengthen the network and provide additional services to the network
  3. Re-examining fee structure for mint and spend transactions. Currently mints are a fixed 0.1 XZC and spend transactions are free despite being computationally intensive.