What is the total supply and distribution for Zcoin?

By November 1, 2016 No Comments

There will be 21.4 million Zcoins. Zcoin follows the same halving cycle as Bitcoin (every 4 years).

It was originally planned that 20% of Zcoins (10 XZC per block) in the first 4 years will be distributed to the Founders’ Reward which is equivalent to 10% of total supply. The Founders’ Reward consists of Poramin Insom (lead dev and Founder) (4%), seed investors (12%) and the team wallet (4%).

However upon the launch of Znodes, the Founders and the team have agreed to reduce this to 14% of the block reward: 2% Poramin Insom, seed investors (6%) and team wallet (6%).

To find out how the Founder’s Rewards are used, see here.

After the first 4 years and at the first halving expected in September 2020, the 12.5 XZC block reward will be divided as follows:

  • Miners (50%, 6.25 XZC)
  • Znodes (34%, 4.375 XZC )
  • Development Fund (15%, 1.875XZC)

For more information about how we arrived at this new distribution and the development fund, please read this blog post.