Tadhg Riordan joins the Zcoin team as Solidity developer for Ethereum mixer

By June 4, 2017 No Comments

We are pleased to welcome Tadhg Riordan to the team as a Solidity developer to work on integration of Zerocoin technology on Ethereum. Tadhg has previously worked on a system of confidential transactions using zkSNARKs which was built into a smart contract and made use of the precompiled contracts which are to be added to the Metropolis update. He hopes to achieve the same with Zerocoin technology as detailed in our previous post. We are confident this will brings greater awareness of Zerocoin tech and its potential uses and its continued relevance and advantages in providing privacy and also eventually allow greater cooperation and collaboration between the Ethereum and Zcoin community.

Tadhg Riordan is a 24 year old Software Developer from Wexford, Ireland. He recently completed my MSc from Trinity College Dublin, where he worked with Blockchain privacy mechanisms, focusing particularly on Zero-Knowledge Proofs and the Ethereum platform. He is a strong advocate for the adoption of crypto-currency and for complete financial privacy.