Sigma Testnet Available for Public Testing

By May 5, 2019 No Comments
Zcoin Sigma Testnet Launched

We are happy to launch our Sigma testnet!

Sigma is our replacement to Zerocoin and brings a multitude of improvements

  • No trusted setup (no toxic waste)
  • Reduced spend proof sizes (from 25 kB to 1.5 kB)
  • Quick verification time

Getting Started

Please be careful and do not run the Testnet binaries without the testnet flag as this may corrupt your current wallet.

You can download the testnet release from our Github releases page.


You can also mine some testnet coins using any regular CPU by running setgenerate true 1 on console or just ask from any of the Zcoin devs/admins if they’re online.

What’s Next?

Although we are eager to release Sigma on mainnet as soon as possible, we want to ensure it gets proper testing and audits. The very earliest transition to mainnet would be in 6 weeks provided no major issues crop up. Your feedback is invaluable!

We will be continuing to refactor code and bug test on testnet and welcome developers or testers to open issues in our Github if you encounter any problems! Please read the release notes for known issues.