Reindexing your wallet

If you have trouble syncing your wallet and it appears to be stuck on a block, please start it again with the -reindex flag. This will start the Zcoin wallet and begin the blockchain reindex process and will take about one to two hours.

Make sure you are always on the latest release by going to our release page.


Open the folder where the zcoin-qt.exe is located. Hold Shift, right-click inside the folder and select ‘Open command window here’. In the Command Prompt that appears, type:

zcoin-qt.exe -reindex

Windows 10: A recent update to Windows 10 has changed the default Command Prompt to PowerShell. If this is the case, right-click inside the folder and click ‘Open PowerShell window here’.

Type .\zcoin-qt.exe, add the -reindex flag and press Enter. Note the period and backslash.


Navigate to the directory where your zcoin-qt binary is. In the Terminal, type in the following:

./zcoin-qt -reindex


Using the Terminal, enter the following command:

/Applications/ -reindex