Poll on proposed parameter change on Lyra2 algo to enable GPU mining

By January 9, 2017 No Comments

There have been concerns on hashrate being dominated by CPU only which allows people who use/purchase discounted credits (not always legally) to run large cloud mining operations via AWS and similar.

This is against the spirit of having egalitarian computing which is one of the things that MTP was meant to address as it gives an unfair advantage to miners who misuse credits. As we only expect MTP development completion in March, the devs are considering doing a parameter change to the Lyra2 algorithm which would allow GPU mining to work alongside CPU mining as a temporary measure to address dumping of coins and unfair domination of hashrate.

We are holding a NON BINDING poll to gauge community sentiment that will be one of the factors we shall consider in our decision. We appreciate your feedback. The poll will be conducted in our Slack in a separate channel #poll.

If you need an invite to the Slack, please proceed to our invite page. Please vote responsibly!