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Plus Plus Privacy: Zcoin Integrates Dandelion

By September 28, 2018 No Comments
Plus Plus Privacy: Zcoin implements Dandelion

Today we are proud to announce that we are the first cryptocurrency to implement Dandelion++.

By adding yet another layer of privacy to Zcoin, we are making it even harder for someone to link your transactions to personal information like your IP address. Dandelion++ changes the way your transactions spread across the network. This makes it infeasible for adversaries to follow them back to the source.

This new privacy feature gives you a strong, yet lightweight, network privacy solution right out of the box.

Usually, the way that cryptocurrency transactions spread across the network is very predictable. While the current system is effective, it is also vulnerable to low-cost, large-scale deanonymization attacks. Dandelion++ makes a simple but crucial change to the previous broadcasting pattern.

Instead of sending transactions to all neighbors, Dandelion++ initially sends them to only one other node. This next node then rolls a dice to decide if it passes it on to just one or all of its neighbors. With the introduction of this element of chance, the propagation pattern now becomes unpredictable, making it infeasible to follow the transaction back to the sender. This is why, from now on, it will be the standard way of propagating transactions in Zcoin.

Dandelion++ provides what the researchers call “lightweight cryptocurrency networking with formal anonymity guarantees” and it doesn’t rely on an external service to do so. That being said, our existing Tor integration and Dandelion++ complement each other and can safely be used together.

We encourage you to update your client and Znodes. The more people upgrade, the more private the network becomes for all of us!

Spread the privacy seed by downloading our new client or join our community on Telegram and Discord!

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