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New Zcoin 13.8.10 Release with Mnemonic seed backup support

By January 2, 2020 No Comments

We are happy to announce a new Zcoin release that introduces a long awaited feature: mnemonic recovery phrases! What this means is that instead of saving the file wallet.dat, you can backup your entire Zcoin wallet by writing down your 12 or 24 word seed phrase!

Zcoin’s implementation also is fully BIP39 compatible meaning that you can import your Trezor/Ledger seed phrases onto your Zcoin desktop wallet and it will restore it as well.

Do take note that this is only available for new wallets created with the client and you cannot import an existing wallet into the new format. Also we highly discourage importing private keys into a wallet that is backed up by mnemonics as those imported keys would not be backed up by the seed phrase.

For further instructions on how to use this feature, you can visit our guide.

There are also some small usability improvements and bug fixes as well. Sigma balances are now reflected on the main overview page and amounts that are available to mint now exclude locked coins (for example if they are in Znodes).

For a more detailed changelog, you can view it here.

As always, always double check your download that it’s from an official source and not one that looks like it as many people have gotten fake versions!

SatoBlade Zcoin Edition

A while back we collaborated with Satoblade to release a Zcoin branded Satoblade to allow you to more securely backup your mnemonic seed phrases as opposed to having paper which can degrade or fade.. The Satoblade is made entirely of stainless steel 304 which has corrosion and heat resistance.

The Satoblade works very well with mnemonics as well as the BIP39 standard only requires the first four letters of each word to be written down. The Satoblade supports 104 characters and for a 24 word mnemonic, you only need 96 (max) characters. They also work for any coin that has BIP39 support.

This is a limited edition and there will only be 100 units ever available.

We will be selling these to raise funds for our Zcoin development fund! They are 69 USD each inclusive of global shipping (except for some remote locations).

If you would like one, please drop an e-mail to [email protected]! We accept payment in Zcoin, BTC or USDT.

What’s Next?

There will be one more upcoming release based on the core 13 branch and it’s a big update with BIP47 Receiver Address Privacy (RAP) coming and multi-core optimization for Sigma verification. You can view the other tasks related to the 13.8.11 milestone here.

We are rapidly progressing with our core 14 update along with deterministic masternodes which will resolve many reliability issues with the Znodes along with making it much more secure and hope to release the testnet in a week or two. After this, all resources will be diverted to Lelantus development.