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MTP with final specifications on Testnet

By June 26, 2017 No Comments

We are happy to announce that MTP with its final parameters has been released on testnet! You can view our Testnet block explorer here.

In early April, we released an early working prototype of MTP on testnet. We had initially anticipated that it would be merely tweaking the parameters and bug fixes but as we progressed, to achieve the results we wanted, it required whole sections of code to be rewritten. For example, the prototype on MTP used only 32MB of RAM due to restrictions in the Merkle tree library we were using. We also had good feedback from many people on getting MTP working as intended and thank everyone who helped us with this.

After a massive recode and refactoring process, we finally have MTP in accordance with the paper’s specs using 2 GB of RAM with minor tweaks and have it running on testnet now. We have also been in touch with Dmitry Khovratovich the original author of the MTP paper who has been very kind and helpful with his suggestions and we continue to improve on MTP from the original paper taking into consideration recent research on MTP. MTP is now set to go live at block 47,500 which is in about 1.5 months’ time.  This will give time to stress test it and for efficient public miners to be developed.

Over the next few days, we’ll be announcing the full details of the miner bounty program where a total of USD21,000 will be awarded to the best open source miners for CPU and GPU. If you’re interested, please do drop by our Slack and join the #minerdevcompetition channel.

Those who are interested in participating in the test and mining (within the wallet) on the testnet can test our pre-release version. Linux and Mac binaries are already available and Windows will come soon!

We should also be releasing reference CPU and GPU miners in a few days as well for everyone to give mining a go!

Thanks everyone for your patience and your continuous support of the Zcoin project!