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MTP v1.2 launched on Zcoin Testnet

By May 30, 2018 No Comments

MTP on Testnet

We are happy to announce that we have a working version of MTP v1.2 on our testnet. This will give users an early preview of MTP and we are opening our MTP codebase in Github.

With funding from the Zcoin project, Version 1.2 of MTP was published in January 2018 that strengthened the algorithm against attacks discovered through both academic peer review and a Zcoin funded MTP bounty program .

This is an important milestone in MTP as we refine the code base and do further testing and bug fixes. We will also be launching bounties for miner and pool development soon.

Users who wish to participate in the MTP testnet can do so by downloading the binaries below (Windows and Mac binary coming soon):

  • Linux (sha256: febab37541d72debb990f8d303e166072a8694de51473708775a07509d9d09ec)

or compile from our Github.

If you wish to try and send some transactions you can go to our testnet faucet to obtain some testnet Zcoins. As this testnet is purely to test MTP, testnet Znodes are disabled.

Mining can be tested through the inbuilt miner by opening up the console by going to Menu > Help > Debug Window > Console and then typing

setgenerate true 1

This command uses one core and 4 GB of RAM. If you wish to use all available cores:

setgenerate true -1

Further Reading

MTP was created by Alex Biryukov and Dmitry Khovratovich in June 2016 to address the problem of miner centralisation caused by ASICs and to allow commodity hardware such as CPUs and GPUs to participate in the security of the network with the general principle that a certain cost will yield approximately the same performance. It accomplishes this by using memory-hard computing where every task is amalgamated with a certain procedure requiring intensive access to RAM both in terms of size and (very importantly) bandwidth, so that transferring the computation to GPU, FPGA, and even ASIC brings little or no cost reduction.

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