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MTP Hard Fork – What You Need to Know

By October 24, 2018 No Comments

With the release of version Zcoin has started the transition to switch their Proof-of-Work algorithm to MTP. The required hard fork will occur on December 10th at 12:00 UTC. After this time, blocks mined with the old Lyra2z algorithm will be rejected.

The following paragraphs will explain what to do depending which group you belong to.

First: Back up your wallet

Please make sure you have a fresh backup of your wallet.dat. To do this, navigate to File > Backup Wallet… and save the file to a secure location.

Zcoin Backup Wallet


Client versions older than will stop working with the hard fork. Please upgrade your clients before December 10th. We will likely publish an in-between maintenance release to improve Znode reliability and streamline Exodus code. If you are not keen on doing another upgrade before December, you can put it off for a while.

Znode Owners

If you do not upgrade your Znode, you will stop receiving rewards after the hard fork. In order to keep receiving rewards, please upgrade your Znode to at any point in time between now and December 10th.

The upgrade process for Znodes is slightly different with this release as with the others.

  1. Please follow our regular Znode Upgrade Guide.
  2. If the Znode protocol version shown in your wallet is 90024, it is recommended to issue a start command for that Znode from your wallet via the Znode tab. If you do this soon after a payout, there will be no impact on your reward payments. Failure to do so before the hard fork may result in your Znode being rejected from the network.

⚠️ Note: As MTP proofs are around 200 kB each, this means that 200 kB of data will be written to the hard disk every 5 minutes. This amounts to about 21 GB of disk space per year. Please make sure your Znode’s hard drive has enough space for future growth!


We provide a ccminer-based reference implementation for a miner here. A CPU miner is still in development and will be completed soon.

MintPond has created all sorts of helpful code such as a reference MTP stratum pool, a node module for hashing and verifying inputs using MTP, or a BOS serializer for MTP proofs.

They’re also running the first ever MTP mining pool on testnet!


Please upgrade to or later before December 10th.