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Midas Protocol partners with Zcoin to provide all in one platform

By June 16, 2018 No Comments

Zcoin has partnered with Midas Protocol, an emerging blockchain solutions company that is currently offering a token sale to create an intelligent tool for everyone to manage, invest, trade, exchange and spend crypto-assets. Midas Protocol aims to be the smartest universal wallet for all essential crypto needs, from safekeeping, intelligent trading, portfolio management, easy conversion to fiat and spending of cryptocurrencies.

The partnership between Midas Protocol and Zcoin as both players in the ASEAN region will encompass:

  • Priority integration into the Midas protocol platform and placement
  • Staking Znodes on Midas platform and other possible future joint developments.
  • Cross marketing and cross promotion
  • Collaboration in community building in ASEAN region (Vietnam, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia)
  • Marketing outreach

“Midas Protocol’s goals to provide an all in one platform from safeguarding your funds, conversion of cryptocurrencies to fiat and portfolio management make it a holistic platform that is traditionally served by separate services. We are hopeful that Midas’s efforts will simplify the previously daunting task of using and investing in cryptocurrencies for the mainstream market. Zcoin is happy to be partnered with Midas and to be one of the first cryptocurrencies to be on their platform once launched and to collaborate in building the cryptocurrency ecosystem in the ASEAN region.” – Poramin Insom, Founder of Zcoin commented.

“Zcoin has one of the most capable privacy and security research teams. The collaboration with Zcoin will help strengthen our research on security, offering Zcoin in our Midas Wallet for clients that require more private transaction will give to Midas Ecosystem a competitive advantage. We are so looking forward to strengthening the global adoption for both Zcoin and Midas” – Dr. David Nguyen Vu, Chairman and CFO of Midas Protocol commented.

Disclaimer: Zcoin’s partnerships do not imply endorsement of a project. Please take the necessary precautions and judgment when deciding to invest in projects.