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How to Use Trezor With Zcoin

By June 30, 2018 No Comments
Trezor T showing Zcoin logo

We’re happy that Zcoin has finally been integrated with Trezor, probably the world’s most widely-used hardware wallet. While the current firmware fully supports Zcoin, Trezor has announced that we will only “be gradually surfacing in Trezor Wallet” and that coins “can be accessed via third-party applications like Electrum”. In this tutorial we will be showing you two ways to use your  Trezor One or Trezor T with Zcoin; one using the Trezor Wallet and the other using our version of Electrum, Electrum-XZC.

Using Zcoin with Trezor Wallet

In order to configure add a Zcoin wallet to Trezor’s web wallet, connect your Trezor, log in to TREZOR Wallet and go to Wallet settings. It does not matter which wallet is selected at the top.

Configuring Trezor for Zcoin

Disregarding the “Select wallet currency” dropdown on the left, please paste as both, the Bitcore Server URL and Explorer URL. The wallet currency will automatically switch to Manual configuration.

Click Save & Reload.

Trezor Zcoin Wallet

Note how a new entry called Custom backend has appeared at the top. This is your Zcoin wallet. You can use it to send, receive and sign or verify transactions like with any other Trezor wallet.


Using Trezor with Electrum

To use Trezor with Electrum-XZC, please first download Electrum-XZC from here and install it. Then connect your Trezor and start Electrum-XZC.

  1. Pick a name and location for your wallet file or accept the defaults
  2. Create a Standard wallet
  3. In the Keystore selection dialogue, pick Use a hardware device
  4. Pick your Trezor as the Hardware Keystore
  5. In the Derivation dialogue, accept the default path or customise if you know what you’re doing

Now the Electrum-XZC window will open and you’re ready to go!