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How To Receive Zcoin With a Mobile Wallet

By July 18, 2018 No Comments

This article describes the basic process of setting up a mobile wallet so you’re able to receive some Zcoin (XZC). Though this guide uses edge Wallet, we don’t endorse one wallet in particular and the process will be similar with other wallets. Zcoin is currently supported on edge, Coinomi, Midas Protocol Wallet and Cobo crypto wallet. If we hear of more wallets adding support for our coin, we will list it on our Downloads page.

  1. Download edge Wallet from Apple Store or Google Play
  2. Open the app and create an account
  3.  Pick a username and password. Please pay special attention to the password requirementsedge wallet password screen
  4. Pick a PIN
  5. After the account is created, you get a chance to review your username and passwordedge wallet show account information
  6. After you have confirmed the Terms & Conditions, click the plus sign next to My Wallets to add a Zcoin walletedge wallet main screen
  7. Type Zcoin or select it from the listedge wallet select type screen
  8. Choose your desired fiat pair, then name your wallet or accept the default name My Zcoin and confirm your choices by clicking “Create Wallet”
  9. You will now see your Zcoin wallet on the main screenedge wallet main screen with zcoin
  10. Click your newly-created Zcoin wallet and then click Request. This generates an address with a corresponding QR code which you can copy and share to receive your Zcoin.edge wallet zcoin receive screen


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