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This is an optional but recommended update for all users, Znodes, mining pools and exchanges.

It fixes a deadlock that resulted in nodes becoming randomly unresponsive along with other minor bugs.

As always, please backup your wallet prior to updating to this version for safety!


  • Fixes rare bug in Sigma spend transaction and in reorg #594
  • Fixed Znode deadlock #612
  • Add remint parsing to getrawtransaction #616
  • Show fee when doing Sigma spends to self #610
  • RPC wallet tests fix for wallet-dump, walletbackup and wallet-hd #567


SHA256 Hashes:

  • Linux: 201a6b9d9734d20791a79d64f5bb3188f7c9a7ac89adb89143a004cda38bbd00
  • macOS: f65f75520bdac846a733b91f683cd8639a5d193b4e4c9aa0ead9582985f6dbde
  • Windows Installer: 420cd2f12722e075dd53702d047b010151caf71aab6cb0c770fbfe581c6b8e08
  • Windows exe: c32b07b5dbbc896e0d6fb87a25625f687944789cb7563891d23ba6fcc54098d2

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