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What’s new

  • Dandelion transaction propagation
  • Fixes bug on enforcement of Znode payee (comes into effect on Block 107246)
  • Updated Tor


Version: v0.13.6.7- SHA256 Hashes:

  • Windows Installer: 626ea311c24ba8348fe1283382dfaa3cd890866835dfea19ba893723cb7bee08
  • Windows exe: 0e054ad64d31b913bb78d406de57ff9d0fb5f3334348f75cea25bbac7f2a0df4
  • Linux: 46a86c095a1823facb04822a0de8ceed22a5bcfe2ddd0b686e3c3633f069335f
  • Mac: cf01543017acc24708a1bfcf5ea1f0edcfac6363c009223eec5ce88d240e5836


Znode Setup Guide if you have 1000 XZC or more

Znode Guide