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This update is recommended as it contains various bug fixes.

As always, please backup your wallet prior to updating to this version for safety!


  • Exodus tokenization layer with Sigma support completed.
    This allows anyone to create their own token with Sigma privacy with Zcoin’s blockchain.
    Activation block 212,000. Read how to use Exodus here
  • Prevent mints with the same pubcoin from entering into mempool #744
  • Bans clients earlier than 13.8.2 (pre Sigma) from connecting to network #742
  • Fixed unspent index for Zerocoin remints to Sigma of denomination 50 XZC #714
  • Fix listaddressgroupings when containing Sigma spends #730
  • Fix issue with Sigma mint creation #741


SHA256 Hashes:

  • Linux: 52f8a722bb1cc5c53e77edf81f6f1300f3b15d53f9cb4fcee90367f11ad84dd9
  • macOS: f568aff5b3b2186ad74dc822a2dbeef1571783f31e37b8e15fcb2d82c177b8b1
  • Windows Installer: 72c2b73d99e1d8971e5ab4f8d98aad9880085026d675f57f6580aa196694acaa
  • Windows exe: 601030d927d9d4d9c5066a8fb9ce990a83b8ce5330e983239e5e4319fef03937

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