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As always, please backup your wallet prior to updating to this version for safety!
This is an optional update but contains various new features and bug fixes and is therefore a recommended update.

New features

  • Mnemonic seed phrase wallet backup.
    This is available for newly created wallets allowing you to backup your funds and Sigma mints with a single seed phrase.
    #559 #641 #772 #774 #807

UI Improvements

  • Overview page now shows Sigma balances which will count towards your total funds. #791 #796 #801
  • Locked coins now no longer show as being available to mint #799

Bug and Maintenance fixes

    • Fixes bug with Zerocoin import #787
    • Resolves bug where an unencrypted wallet is updated to Sigma version and causes a db deadlock #802 #809
    • Client versions older than v13.8.8 are now banned (prior to Sigma fix) #797


SHA256 Hashes:

    • Linux: 603926164a271bd1e61431d62de1d52b3b9c0035ed380b36f2f12a0078ede20c
    • macOS: 9d7e0fca7e36e405abcb4c4d59cd7e2ac4961877b5b2f054830b1068a24b4b3c
    • Windows Installer: a5ea224151f3829d739d3e4d03dd14d9ba1117cb8b31c7bd29e68b28857ae7b8
    • Windows exe: b76b1cff15b05663e71e23ab2bfed46c1e22672f031edbf10b0252303bd40bcf
      The signatures can be verified with this public key.

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Note: While most of these wallets are well established and trustworthy, they are made by third parties and we cannot guarantee for their safety

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Exchanges that have a Zcoin/fiat pairing


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