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Zcoin v0.14.0.5

As always, please backup your wallet prior to updating for safety!

This is a mandatory release for users, exchanges, pools, miners and Znodes and re-enables Sigma privacy transactions functionality after the disclosed bug. Please update before block 296900.

If you are stuck on a block, please perform a reindex-chainstate.

Remember that many scammers will be out to offer help to you to help you migrate so don’t accept unsolicited private messages even if it appears from a trusted person (in fact none of the core team members will ever initiate a message to you first). We will also never send out private messages on wallet updates.


  • Re-enables Sigma at block 296900 #898
  • Fixed Sigma tests on regtest/testnet #900
  • Depends fix #897


SHA256 Hashes:

    • Linux: 9127e89178a4d4d84b299e90cc4f024ca3bae3283233ef63f4c097d7a8cd6bba
    • macOS: 45800d5b7686e86ab5e42114d74a79b589e7ff8630aebcd1866150adca6eed06
    • Windows Installer: d7c6d8657613326100da391a8dd47bded6df00aa66ab20412c88a5ed67d051ff
    • Windows zip: 4f7003bf483f233d7d1b36b00f615aace93217dfc3aa8f027ce265157fdcfaed
  • The signatures can be verified with this public key.

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Note: While most of these wallets are well established and trustworthy, they are made by third parties and we cannot guarantee for their safety

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Coin swapping services that support Zcoin

Exchanges that have a Zcoin/crypto pairing


Znode Setup Guide if you have 1000 XZC or more

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