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Optional update.

This release is to allow users who generated Zerocoins using the command line and had their Zerocoin spends never confirmed.

If you have a Zerocoin spend that has not confirmed even after days, you can recover this by right-clicking on the spend transactions in your transaction list. Make sure to backup your wallet first by going to File > Backup Wallet.
Right-click on the transaction, select “Abandon transaction”.
If the option is grayed-out you might need to restart the client.

If you have already abandoned the Zerocoin spend transaction, there is a manual way. Head to Help > Debug Window > Console

Use listspendzerocoins 0 command to list all spends. Then find the cases which show “true” and copy their serial. Now use the command setmintzerocoinstatus "<serial>" false to mark coin as unspent.


Version: v0.13.6.4- SHA256 Hashes:

  • Windows: D626B2F7CA11BE20E025069758C947B3D35887EAA34050F65BF8D70BEDEE682F
  • Linux: BAB48B674DBA8FB40E9912E9B6123E93C2BACBC02BE8A0462F408A07530AF7BD
  • Mac: 64B72DF01181BABA905A2B7B1D7ADBD10BFE569DE5AAF0AFC02273624A27460E

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