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As per our previous disclosure, this is a mandatory security update to disable Zerocoin until Sigma is ready to roll out.

Existing Zerocoin mints will not be lost and there will be a method to recover them once Sigma is launched.

For Users and Znodes

Please update as soon as possible. Hard fork happens at Block 157,000 in approximately 2 days time.


  • Disable Zerocoin mints and spends in preparation for Sigma


  • SHA256 Hashes:
    • Linux: 71ecb0303697a48391fc901e05720e57778538922be97c5537b3942888760abb
    • macOS: a0008f6a0dc63fc846dc9a518a36f566ba929f0ec08a27538737db8d83349f95
    • Windows Installer:20573c19d5c9e264a7ba0d3f57a22bb76e8bdd6412d3cfcec36626172524d2a2
    • Windows exe: b523854c65d1b650694daffbea74e25348163dabcfe623917f6cd3d5cbb48b58


Znode Setup Guide if you have 1000 XZC or more

Znode Guide