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Zcoin v0.14.0.3

As always, please backup your wallet prior to updating for safety!

This is a maintenance release but is highly recommended for Znode stability.

Remember that many scammers will be out to offer help to you to help you migrate so don’t accept unsolicited private messages even if it appears from a trusted person (in fact none of the core team members will ever initiate a message to you first). We will also never send out private messages on wallet updates.


  • Znodes maxconnections set to at least 125 to resolve some quorum forming delays #881
  • Znodeblsprivkey mandatory in Znodes now as transition is completed. #883
  • Added API functions for Sigma states for light wallet/mobile private transaction support #856
  • Added button in QT to reindex wallet and Sigma mints for easy support when Sigma mints are not shown correctly #882
  • HD code cleanup and modifications to multiple wallet architecture in core 14 #846
  • Ban nodes older than v.0.14 on network #879
  • Fix for rare crash when reindex is interrupted #875
  • Fix for several build issues #877 #880

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Note: While most of these wallets are well established and trustworthy, they are made by third parties and we cannot guarantee for their safety

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Znode Setup Guide if you have 1000 XZC or more

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