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Latest Release and Changelog: v0.13.5.8

Before doing an upgrade, always backup your wallet. You can do this by going to File>Backup Wallet and saving it in a safe location. We will not be responsible should there be any lost funds in the event of a failure of a wallet backup.

When upgrading to v0.13.5.8 from a prior version it may prompt you that your block database requires a reindex, just press Yes and let it reindex.

Alternate Download Link from Github

SHA256 Hashes

  • Windows: 6D6582A52843718D42793473D2242A3ECE4C56D2BB2F71CFB5433D5DE681C50C
  • Windows Installer: 80A506DD14D3173515D6307D45ECF24502381703E21F3DC32012050F55470272
  • Linux: E2E001892C10CECBDC68BBB71471387F4A9347162263F9B3760122DFBABAEA58