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As always, please backup your wallet prior to updating to this version for safety!
This is a mandatory update with an important fix to Sigma. Please update immediately.
If you have issues with your Sigma mints displaying wrong or are missing, you can resolve this by the zapwalletmints flag.


  • Fixes wallet loading issue when the wallet contains Sigma spends.


SHA256 Hashes:

Linux: 36dc74093b4144be8f0ed6948bf9b0bdeefe9a1c256662f06e391823e0b4c067
macOS: 7e807c11932d1eea20559986950f0379ffeab686dbef0698736ef76cc3a2ed54
Windows Installer: 533d50e3c7a259173dc6cce119c3094838399b7b38b1b44704767047aad9597a
Windows exe: 734decd76402df0b56986e9c0e06ad77c60eef978c3dab9532453b32a6002cff

The signatures can be verified with this public key.

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Note: While most of these wallets are well established and trustworthy, they are made by third parties and we cannot guarantee for their safety

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