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Mandatory Upgrade

Please backup your wallet before upgrading to this version. To do this, navigate to File > Backup Wallet and save the file to a secure location.

For Users

This is a mandatory upgrade. Please upgrade to

For Znode owners

Even if you have previously upgraded to a 0.13.7.x version, including, please upgrade to

For guidance on how to upgrade your Znode, please refer to:

For mining pools

Please do update pools to as soon as possible as it contains an important fix.


  • Fixed duplicate Zerocoin spends when doing multiple input
  • Added additional checks in mempool


Version: v0.13.7.6

SHA256 Hashes:

  • Linux: d1567283a4c530ef5a9297857d47c17541be182f5feabb3e2ce607c0d1a67511
  • macOS: 490b2f94f47844c6a1a54efc6997434984aaf300b1ab1bb9cf2e530ff0b1f60d
  • Windows Installer: d18c327d160ff6af1bfd5c50f56f5936887d24099dae6c0a61bcd3ada1c81b11
  • Windows exe: 139174b6efd06a5ad66d5e2498fb999a6598e0b31b75b5004434d09fb43beb2a

The signatures can be verified with this public key.


Znode Setup Guide if you have 1000 XZC or more

Znode Guide