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Exodus Protocol, Smart Asset Capability on Zcoin Launched

By October 10, 2018 No Comments
Zcoin Exodus Protocol

We are proud to announce the implementation of the Exodus protocol with Zcoin version 13.6.8 that facilitates the use of smart contracts, custom currencies/tokens and even decentralized exchange functions. This layer expands the utility and functionality of Zcoin’s blockchain without affecting its core functions as a digital currency.

The Exodus protocol is a fork of the Omni protocol most well known for having Tether built on it. Exodus allows people to build on our blockchain secured by an alternate PoW algorithm which, with the upcoming MTP, will be ASIC resistant.

In a nutshell, Exodus allows:

  • People to create custom tokens on Zcoin’s blockchain but secured by MTP (once it’s launched)
  • Blockchain-based crowdfunding
  • Distributed exchange for decentralized trading of these tokens

The Zcoin team has implemented this smart asset layer at the request of some of our community members who have some exciting ideas, and we are hopeful that we will see these interesting use cases implemented soon.

This release 13.6.8 is not mandatory if you’re already on 13.6.7 so you only need to update if you wish to take advantage of Exodus’ expanded capabilities. There are also some bug fixes in relation to a reduction of log output produced by the recently-implemented Dandelion. To enable Exodus on your GUI, you can run Zcoin with showExodusUi=1 added to your zcoin.conf.