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This is an optional but recommended update for all users, Znodes, mining pools and exchanges.

It contains numerous stability and bug fixes especially in relation to Sigma.

As always, please backup your wallet prior to updating to this version for safety!


  • Fixed crash when using dumpwallet in legacy or non HD wallets. #527
  • Fixed memory leak with some optimizations #530
  • Upgraded TOR to #534
  • Fixes issue where old keypath format does not parse correctly in importwallet. Also adds information on hardened components to CKeyMetadata #536
  • Fix crash in zcoin-qt on znode list page #539
  • Cosmetic renaming from zerocoin_v3 to sigma #549
  • Fixes another minor memory leak #550
  • Added additional automated testing for Zerocoin reminting process to Sigma #551
  • Fixes subtract fee from amount to show correct figures #557
  • Fix incorrect treating of height for sigma verification #558
  • Fix potential deadlock in Znode code #560
  • Fixes Zerocoin remint behavior in mempool and a reindex bug #565
  • Fixes Sigma mints appearing pending without confirming when done with a legacy wallet. New RPC regeneratemintpool #566
  • Fix wrong transaction size estimation of Sigma transactions in coin control #568
  • Fixes a bug where an already used Sigma mint is attempted to be used again when there is remint change #576
  • Transaction list properly shows spend transactions with reminted change #581
  • Zerocoin mints that are reminted into Sigma now show in coin control #582

Special Notes

If you are having Sigma mints that show as pending despite more than 6 confirmations, please refer to our Wiki article on instructions on how to use regeneratemintpool command.


SHA256 Hashes:

    • Linux: 364ea09583b46866a7d84b924355e41cf5d8f2f1a54f8abb6c3f10b63d1933f1
    • macOS: fbe0930f441c090b163545573308c40d3470aa79c38c801aee7be0ebe9310005
    • Windows Installer: 48de0b00fd0daec1ffebaaf0433df6fd93e9b3762e125c25950dde4b54a48c12
    • Windows exe: f0cca1fca157c8549cdfdbd2587d2dfad9234a63df193f666d8a9d77df5a8eb3

The signatures can be verified with this public key.


Guía de configuración de Znode si tienes 1000 XZC o más

Guía de Znode