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Community Meeting #3 Discussion on PoW Algorithm changes and Block Reward 22 February 2020

By February 22, 2020 No Comments

Our 3rd community meeting focused on two important decisions, discussing a potential PoW algorithm change for Zcoin and the division of block reward post September 2020 (Zcoin’s first halving).

We had Henry Quan, CEO of ePIC Blockchain ( that designs ASICs and FPGAs weigh in on his opinion of ASIC-resistance and its impact on a coin’s economy, the latest advances in ASIC design and the impact of an algorithm on ASIC profitability.

We also had Kristy-Leigh Minehan who is a co-creator of ProgPOW give her insights on how the GPU mining industry works and how she feels despite its imperfections it is still fairer than FPGA/ASICs.

In the last half an hour, discussion on division of the block reward post September with a surprise visit from Diego Salazar (rehrar) from the Monero community who shared his experience on how the Monero CCS has worked out for them.

Thanks to everyone who participated!

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