Bounty for Community Video Contribution

By November 21, 2017 No Comments

With the Binance community vote over and the bounties distributed (except for 2 winners who have yet to respond), the Zcoin team would like to announce another yet another bounty programme for our expanding community.

We recently received a Zcoin rap track from an anonymous source and we are asking for 5 to 10 second video contribution so we can make a community driven music video. We believe this is an excellent opportunity to show what a worldwide community we have and also be part of a fun project!

The theme will be people worldwide standing up and fighting for privacy. Key words will be mint, spend, repeat, privacy, clean slate, burn, blockchain, zero, hero.

The video footage can include yourself (with or without revealing your face), operating Zcoin wallets, Zcoin shirts/logos, holding up signs, good footage of the city, town or village where you live in, famous recognizable landmarks, security cameras, police, fences, even foreign language street signs. You are encouraged to be creative and submit whatever you think is interesting and relevant to Zcoin or financial privacy. Below is a short clip of the rap. We’ll leave the full version for when it is completed.

Video Specifications

  • High resolution video. Preferably 1080p or higher.
  • Landscape orientation with aspect ratio 16:9
  • Good lighting
  • Sound is not important
  • Each entry should be 5-10 seconds (slight over runs are okay)
  • Take into consideration that the music video is for a rap and submissions that match the beat/tempo of the clip have an advantage.


  • No offensive material which includes gore, nudity, religious sensitive postings, etc. It’s supposed to be fun, not shocking.
  • Multiple entries are allowed but please send them in separate e-mails to [email protected] with the title ZCoin Community Video Project. Ideally link them to cloud storage links or upload the full version somewhere unless it is reasonably small and can fit in an e-mail. To qualify as a separate entry it must be substantially different for e.g. totally different concept/look and not just different poses or locations. We reserve the right to determine ourselves what qualifies as a separate entry.
  • By making the submission, you grant to us the license to use and publish the video in anyway or to promote it in on our website or social media channels.
  • All entries must be received by 15th January 2017 GMT+8 12 noon
  • You are free to share your video footage at any time on your own social media but please ensure that your entry is already submitted to [email protected] before publicizing so that others cannot claim credit.


  • 2 XZC per entry that is used in the final version of the music video.
  • If we use several parts of your entry in the video, it still counts as a single entry.