Bittrex and major Zcoin pools rally support behind Poramin

By December 29, 2016 No Comments

Bittrex has announced support of Poramin’s version of Zcoin at together with the two major pools of Zcoin, Suprnova and Pool.MN.

This combined with the overwhelming support of the community, we are confident that the consequences of Gary’s threatened fork will be minimal. From now onwards, Gary Le has no relation to the Zcoin project although he retains control of the old domain of, /r/ZcoinProject, and the Twitter account of @ZcoinProject.

The new domain for the Zcoin project will be and the official Twitter account will be @zcoinofficial. We are still exploring options with Reddit.

To avoid any issues, please update to the latest version of Zcoin here: as soon as possible.

We are also aware of the complaints as to the slow wallet startup and development is now being focused in improving this.

We from the Zcoin team would like to thank the community for their support and understanding during this challenging time and we look forward to bringing Zcoin to new heights with a reinvigorated team.