Binance Charity Launches Lunch for Children Campaign with Zcoin

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Launch of the Binance Lunch for Children Initiative

Uganda has been hard hit with poverty and has the highest proportion of AIDS orphans in the world. Many of these children have been unable to attend school for various reasons, one of them being the need to source food elsewhere.

In an effort to help support these children, the Binance ‘s Blockchain Charity Foundation (BCF) and Dream Building Service Association (DBSA) have initiated the Binance Lunch for Children project; initially providing healthy food daily for children in Uganda and then spreading to other African countries that would benefit from the same project. Utilising Blockchain technology, Zcoin’s seed and team members are proud to be the pilot contributors, by committing to donate $24 000 USD worth of crypto thus funding the pilot program school of 200+ children and teachers with two meals a day, for the whole of 2019.

Launch of the Pilot Project.

For the pilot project a crypto friendly country, a pilot school, and a local shop that would accept crypto, was selected.

The Jolly-Mercy Learning Centre is a private school in the Wakiso District, Central Region on the outskirts of Kampala, the capital of Uganda. It was founded in 2006 through social donations and set up as a non-profit school.

A local store that sells all the required food needed for the daily breakfast and lunch has been setup with a crypto wallet, and a means to exchange crypto in the local currency: the Ugandan shilling.

There is a team of Chinese volunteers affiliated with Binance Lunch for Children programme that has been staying at the Jolly-Mercy Learning Centre for the month of February. They assisted with helping the guardians and caregivers with setting up their crypto wallets, making transactions, giving feedback to the organisers about the programme, and helping with the food programme.

Anyone who is interested in the programme and would like to assist can make direct contributions on the Binance charity website. The donations are transferred directly to the student’s crypto wallet, which the guardians and caregivers have custody. They can then use the crypto to buy the required food from the local shop. The whole process is done utilising blockchain technology, without a need for a middle man and in a transparent manner. Every transaction is tracked, and reported on ensuring that all the donations are being used as they were intended.

The reception

On the day of the launch which took place on the 19th February 2019 at the Jolly-Mercy Learning Centre, there was a ceremony of more than 500 guests including students, teachers, caregivers, guardians, the Binance Lunch for Children representatives, Zcoin representative and Uganda’s Minister of State for Primary Education, Rosemary Nansubuga Seninde.

Speeches and celebrations were the order of the day.

While talking to people on the day of the launch, what stood out was how big of an impact the donations were making to the lives of students and teachers at the Jolly-Mercy Learning Centre. Everyone I met was extremely grateful, not only for our contribution, but for blockchain technology’s ability to combat fraud and corruption – an issue that had plagued previous donation efforts.

The goal

Currently there are 200 children between Grade 1 to 7 at the Jolly-Mercy Learning Centre. That figure is expected to nearly double before the end of 2019, as promise of a consistent meal will undoubtedly lure many students back to school. In the long term, the Binance Lunch for Children programme goal is to feed over a million students spanning many countries in Africa.

With Zcoin’s contribution, we wish not only to help the students at the Jolly-Mercy Learning Centre, and do our part in launching the Binance Lunch for Children programme, but to inspire other blockchain organisations and individuals to do the same.  All too often, blockchain and cryptocurrencies have been associated with getting rich and lavish spending, and we felt that it was important that as an industry we are noticed for contributing to worthy causes. We hope to have similar donation efforts in other parts of the world as well.

More details about the project, including a donation and allocation records, can be found here. We welcome anyone who wishes to further contribute to this cause.

I would like to make special thanks to Binance, BCF, DBSA and in particular Helen Hai, Athena Yu and Iris Du who spearheaded this initiative and are tirelessly making this effort possible.

Written by:

Michael Bernhardt
Community Lead & Johannesburg Ambassador