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Andrey Bezrukov joins Zcoin as a C++ developer

By August 2, 2018 No Comments

We have been actively recruiting to find experienced developers to join the team to accelerate Zcoin’s development. In line with this, we are happy to welcome Andrey Bezrukov to the Zcoin dev team as a full time C++ developer. Andrey has 17 years of experience in C++ and has worked for prestigious companies such as Deutsche Bank where he worked on an algorithmic trading platform and a flexible FX risk calculator. His tech stack includes C++11, C++14, Boost, STL, PostgreSQL and Linux. In his past time, Andrey also has experience in setting up cryptocurrency mining operations.

As someone who has been involved with software development for forex, stock markets and algorithmic trading, Andrey has a keen interest in fintech and especially in cryptocurrencies where he believes will form the lifeblood of a new economy that enables free markets and economies. In that vein, he strongly believes the need of privacy mechanisms on the blockchain.