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A message from our new investor in Zcoin, Tim Lee

By December 27, 2016 No Comments

Dear Community Members,

I’m Tim Lee, the new investor for the Zcoin project and from China. I feel honored having the chance to join Roger Ver and the other existing investors and will contribute my best to inject fresh vigor into this undertaking.

As everybody may be aware of, our community just passed through a rather turbulent and painful time. During this period, I went on a special trip to Thailand to meet up with our lead developer and co-founder, Poramin Insom.

Despite these external factors, I’ve spent a very productive week with Poramin, discussing long-term prospects and near-term objectives, as well as some exciting matters that will be disclosed at a later point.

The Zcoin project actually already has two-years of development behind it, and we believe that in terms of innovation and functionality it can easily be compared or even surpass other anoncoins, such as Monero, Dash and Zcash.

I also believe that considering the project’s potential and benefits, the present price is still heavily underrated. As an investor, I share the same goal with you, hoping that Zcoin can achieve its full potential and I will do my best to support it in all aspects.

Finally, I also want to formally introduce Sebastian (@Sebsebzen), who will act as my investor relations representative. He will be responsible for communications with other investors, help coordinating promotion activities as well as assisting with other matters within his capabilities.

I hope that everyone will unite behind Zcoin and let us all work together to make this project a great success.

Best wishes and a Happy New Year!